DeSoto County Trust Deed Subdivision Abstracts

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T-Acree Place
T-Airways Commercial Center 1st Rev
T-Airways Commercial Center
T-Alden Station
T-Apple Creek North Sec A
T-Apple Creek North Sec B
T-Apple Creek North Sec C
T-Apple Creek Sec A 1st Revision
T-Apple Creek Sec B
T-Autumn Woods Sec B
T-Autumn Woods
T-Bella Vista Estates Sec A
T-Benndale Farms Sec A
T-Blue Lake Springs Ph 2
T-Blue Lake Springs Ph I
T-Branch Sec A The
T-Branch Sec B The
T-Branch Sec C The
T-Branch Sec D The
T-Brentwood Farms Ph I
T-Brentwood Farms Ph II
T-Bridgetown Sec B
T-Bridgetown Sec C and D
T-Bridgetown Sec CM
T-Brook Hollow Sec A
T-Brook Hollow Sec B
T-Brook Hollow Sec C
T-Brook Hollow South Comm SD
T-Brook Hollow West
T-Buena Vista Lakes Sec A
T-Buena Vista Lakes Sec B
T-Buena Vista Lakes Sec C
T-Buena Vista Lakes Sec D
T-Caffey Hollow Sec A
T-Caffey Hollow Sec B
T-Cantrell Place
T-Carriage Hills A No Lot 34
T-Carriage Hills B
T-Carriage Hills C
T-Carriage Hills D
T-Carriage Hills E
T-Carriage Hills Estates
T-Carriage Hills Sec F
T-Cedar Creek
T-Cedar Crest Estates 1st Addition
T-Cedar Crest Estates 2nd Add
T-Cedar Crest Estates
T-Chateau Ridge
T-Chickasaw Bluff Lks Sec A
T-Chickasaw Bluff Lks Sec B
T-Church Road Estates Sec A
T-Church Road Estates Sec B
T-Church Road Estates Sec C
T-Church Road Estates Sec D
T-Church Road Estates Sec E
T-Church Road Estates Sec F
T-Church Road Estates Sec G
T-Church Road Estates Sec H
T-Churchwood Estates Sec A
T-Clifton Courts Sec A
T-College Cove
T-College Grove Sec A
T-Copper Ridge
T-Coral Meadows
T-Cottonwood Sec A
T-Country Hollow
T-Country Home Estates and 1st Rev
T-Country Meadows
T-Country Oaks Estates 1st Add
T-Country Oaks Estates
T-Country Village West Sec A
T-Countrywood Estates 1st Rev
T-Countrywood Estates Sec B
T-Countrywood Estates
T-Craft Rd Comm Plaza
T-Craft Rd Ind Park Sec C
T-Craft Rd Ind Park
T-Creekwood 1st Add
T-Creekwood West Ph II
T-Creekwood West
T-Crenshaw Manor B Ph I 1st Revision
T-Crenshaw Manor B Ph II Patio Homes 1st R
T-Crumpler Place Sec A
T-Crumpler Place Sec B
T-Crumpler Place Sec C
T-Crumpler Place Sec D
T-Cub Lake Estates
T-Cypress Creek Plantation
T-Dancy Horn Lake Comm Sec B 1st Rev
T-Dancy Horn Lake Comm Sec C
T-Dancy Horn Lake Rev 2
T-Deerfield Sec A
T-Deerfield Sec B
T-Deerfield Sec C
T-Deerfield Sec D
T-Deerfield Sec E
T-Dehon Village PUD
T-Dehon's Habitat Row Sec A
T-Delta Crest SD
T-Delta Ridge Sec A
T-Delta Ridge Sec B
T-Desoto Crossing Phase I
T-Desoto Farms Sec A
T-Desoto Farms Sec B
T-Desoto Village Sec A
T-Desoto Village Sec B
T-Desoto Village Sec C
T-Desoto Village Sec D
T-Desoto Village Sec E
T-Desoto Village Sec F
T-Desoto Woods Sec B
T-Desoto Woods Sec C
T-Desoto Woods Sec D
T-Dixie Lynn
T-Dove Meadow
T-Dove Ridge Estates Phase I
T-Dunlap Acres First Revision
T-Dustin Place
T-Eastover Sec A
T-Eastover Sec B
T-Eastover Sec C
T-Edenshire 2nd Add
T-Edwards Place Sec A
T-Edwards Place Sec B
T-Emerson Manor
T-Estates of Hickory Forest A
T-Estates of Hickory Forest B
T-Estates of Hickory Forest C
T-Fairview Heights
T-Fairway Oaks
T-Fairways The
T-First Comm and Ind Plaza
T-Flicker Ridge
T-Flower Creek Sec B
T-Forest Hill Sec A
T-Forest Hill Sec B
T-Forest Hill Sec C
T-Forrest Lake
T-Fox Hollow Phase II
T-Fox Hunt
T-Fox Run Sec A
T-Fox Run Sec B
T-Fox Run Sec C
T-Fox Run Sec D
T-Fox Trail
T-Foxwood Plantation
T-Gardens at Plum Point
T-Gardens of Greenbrook
T-Gas Light Vill (Parkway Vil TNHO 1st Rev
T-Germantown Manor Sec D
T-Germanwood Estates
T-Germanwood Plantation Sec A
T-Germanwood Plantation Sec B
T-Germanwood Plantation Sec C
T-Germanwood Plantation Sec D
T-Goodman 51 Comm & Ind Pk Sec B
T-Goodman 51 Comm and Ind Pk
T-Goodman Commons
T-Goodman Oaks
T-Green T Lake Sec A
T-Green T Lake Sec B
T-Green T Lake Sec C
T-Green T Lake Sec D and F
T-Green Village Sec B
T-Green Village Sec C
T-Green Village Sec D
T-Green Village
T-Greenbriar Lks Comm 1st Add
T-Greenbriar Lks Comm
T-Greenbriar Lks Patio Homes 1 and 2 Sec A
T-Greenbriar Lks Patio Homes 2 Sec B
T-Greenbriar Lks Patio Homes 3
T-Greenbriar Lks Patio Homes 4
T-Greenbriar Lks Patio Homes 5
T-Greenbriar Lks Sec A
T-Greenbriar Lks Sec B
T-Greenbriar Lks Sec C
T-Greenbriar Lks Sec D
T-Greenbrook Parkway Townhomes
T-Greenbrook Sec A Rev
T-Greenbrook Sec B Rev
T-Greenbrook Sec C Rev
T-Greenbrook Sec D
T-Greenbrook Sec E
T-Greenbrook Sec F
T-Greenbrook Sec G
T-Greenbrook Sec H
T-Greenbrook Sec I
T-Greenbrook Sec J
T-Greenbrook Sec K
T-Greenbrook Sec L
T-Greenbrook Sec M
T-Greenbrook West Sec A
T-Greenbrook West Sec B
T-Haraway Gardens Sec A & 1st Rev
T-Haraway Gardens Sec B
T-Haraway Gardens Sec C
T-Hawthorne Sec A
T-Hawthorne Sec B
T-Hawthorne Sec C
T-Heritage Hills Ph I PUD
T-Heritage Hills Ph II PUD
T-Heritage Hills Ph III A & B PUD
T-Heritage Hills Ph IV 1st Rev
T-Heritage Oaks 18 Minor Lots
T-Hernando Estates Sec A
T-Hernando Estates Sec B
T-Hernando Hills & Ph I&II 1st R
T-Hernando Hills Ph III
T-Hernando Hills Ph V
T-Hernando Ind Park Ph III
T-Hernando Ind Park Ph I
T-Hernando Ind Park Ph II
T-Hillsview Sec A
T-Hillsview Sec B
T-Hillsview Sec C
T-Hillsview Sec D
T-Holiday Hills Sec D
T-Holiday Hills Sec E
T-Holiday Hills Sec F Ph I
T-Holiday Hills Sec F Ph II
T-Holiday Hills Sec F Ph III
T-Holiday Hills Sec F Ph IV
T-Holiday Hills West Sec G
T-Holiday Hills
T-Holly Hills Sec A
T-Holly Hills Sec B
T-Hoyette Austin Lk Sec A 1st Rev Twin Lk
T-Hudson's Centerhill Rd
T-Hunters Run Sec A
T-Hunters Run Sec B
T-Hunters Run Sec C
T-Hunters Run Sec D
T-Hunters Run Sec E
T-Hunters Run Sec F
T-Hunters Run Sec G
T-Hunters Run Sec H
T-Hunters Run Sec I
T-Hunters Run Sec J
T-Hunters Run Sec K
T-Ingrams Mill Acres Ph I
T-Ingrams Mill Acres Ph II
T-Interstate Commons
T-Kentwood Sec A
T-Kentwood Sec B
T-Kentwood Sec C
T-Kentwood Sec D
T-Kentwood Sec E
T-Kentwood Sec F
T-Kentwood Sec G
T-Kentwood Sec H
T-Kentwood Sec I
T-Kentwood Sec J
T-Kingston Estates Sec A
T-Kingston Estates Sec B
T-Kingston Estates Sec C
T-Kingston Estates Sec D
T-Kingston West Sec A
T-Kingston West Sec B
T-Kingston West Sec C
T-Koko Reef Sec A
T-Koko Reef Sec B
T-Lake Forest Ph I Sec B
T-Lake Forest Sec A
T-Lake Forest Sec C
T-Lake Forest Sec D
T-Lake Forest Sec E
T-Lake O the Hills A
T-Lake O the Hills B
T-Lake O the Hills Delta View Sec A
T-Lake O the Hills Delta View Sec B
T-Lakewood Estates Sec A AKA Bridgetown SD
T-Laurelwood Phase 2
T-Laurelwood Sec C
T-Leanin Trees 1st Rev & 2nd Rev
T-Lewisburg Estates
T-Loma Vista Estates PUD 1st Rev
T-Magnolia Drive
T-Magnolia Estates Sec A
T-Magnolia Estates Sec B
T-Magnolia Estates Sec C
T-Magnolia Estates Sec D
T-Magnolia Estates Sec E
T-Magnolia Estates Sec F
T-Magnolia Estates Sec G
T-Magnolia Estates Sec H
T-Magnolia Estates Sec I & 1st Rev
T-Magnolia Estates Sec J
T-Magnolia Estates Sec K
T-Magnolia Estates Sec L
T-Magnolia Gardens 1st Add Sec A
T-Magnolia Gardens 1st Add Sec B
T-Magnolia Gardens 1st Add Sec C
T-Magnolia Gardens 1st Add Sec D
T-Magnolia Gardens
T-Magnolia Park
T-Magnolia Trace
T-Mallard Creek Sec A
T-McLendon Place Sec A
T-MGM Commercial Park
T-Mid South Center
T-Midway Commercial Sec A 1st Rev
T-Milam Country
T-Morrow Crest Sec A
T-Myrtlewood & 2nd Rev
T-Nesbit Estates Part I
T-Nesbit Estates Part II
T-North Cockrum Farms Sec A
T-North Ingram Mills Farms & B&C
T-Northwood Part I
T-Northwood Sec B
T-Oak Creek Sec B
T-Oak Creek
T-Oak Crest
T-Oak Grove 1st Add
T-Oak Grove
T-Oak Manor and Sec A Second Revision
T-Oak Manor West
T-Oak Ridge
T-Oaklawn Sec A
T-Oaklawn Sec B
T-Oaklawn Sec C
T-Oaklawn Sec D
T-Oakwood Estates North
T-Oakwood Estates Sec A
T-Olive Branch Comm Center Sec A
T-Olive Ridge Sec A & 1st Rev
T-Olive Ridge Sec B
T-Olive Ridge Sec C
T-Parkway Place Townhomes & Sec B
T-Parkway Place Townhomes Sec A
T-Parkway Place Townhomes Sec C
T-Parkway Sec A
T-Parkway Village Sec A
T-Parkwood Commercial
T-Payne Flynn Sec B
T-Payne Flynn
T-Payne Park Sec A
T-Pecan Grove Comm
T-Pecan Grove
T-Pecan Ridge Sec A
T-Pecan Ridge Sec B
T-Phillips Place Sec A
T-Phillips Place Sec B
T-Phillips Place Sec C
T-Phillips Place Sec D
T-Phillips Place Sec E
T-Phillips Place Sec F
T-Pinehurst Sec A
T-Pinehurst Sec B
T-Pinehurst Sec C
T-Pinehurst Sec D
T-Pinehurst Sec E
T-Pinehurst Sec F
T-Plantation Ph 2 Lks Sec B The
T-Plantation Ph 2 Lks Sec C The
T-Plantation Ph I Sec A
T-Plantation Ph I Sec B
T-Plantation Ph I Sec C
T-Plantation Ph I Sec D
T-Plantation Ph I Sec E1 & E2 The
T-Plantation Ph I Sec F The
T-Plantation Ph I Sec G The
T-Plantation Ph I Sec H1 & H2 The
T-Plantation Ph I Sec I The
T-Plantation Ph I Sec J
T-Plantation Ph I Sec K
T-Pleasant Acres Sec A
T-Pleasant Acres Sec B
T-Pleasant Acres Sec C
T-Pleasant Acres Sec D
T-Pleasant Acres Sec E
T-Plum Point Villages Sec A
T-Plum Point Villages Sec B
T-Plum Point Villages Sec C
T-Plunks Ind Center
T-Point Regency Lakeside Homes
T-Poplar Forest Nbhood Sec A
T-Poplar Forest Sec B
T-Prince Meadows
T-Professional Vil Crumpler Pl Sec C
T-Professional Vil Crumpler Pl Sec Ph I Sec B
T-Professional Vil Crumpler Pl SecA 1st Re
T-Riviera Estates
T-Roberts 3 Lot
T-Robison Square Townhomes
T-Robison Square
T-Rollin Oaks
T-Rolling Acres
T-Rolling Green Part 2
T-Rolling Green Part 3
T-Rolling Green Part 4
T-Rolling Green
T-Shady Hollow
T-Sheltowee West Sec A
T-Short Fork Farms
T-South Manor Est Sec B 1st Rev
T-South Manor Estates Sec C
T-South Manor Estates Sec D
T-South Manor Estates Sec E North
T-South Manor Estates Sec F North
T-South Manor Estates
T-Southampton Village First Revision
T-Southaven Sec A
T-Southaven Sec A1
T-Southaven Sec B
T-Southaven Sec C
T-Southaven West Sec A
T-Southaven West Sec B
T-Southaven West Sec C
T-Southaven West Sec D
T-Southaven West Sec E
T-Southaven West Sec F
T-Southaven West Sec G
T-Southaven West Sec H
T-Southaven West Sec I
T-Southaven West Sec J
T-Southaven West Sec K
T-Southaven West Sec L
T-Southaven West Sec M
T-Southaven West Sec N
T-Southaven West Sec O
T-Southaven West Sec P
T-Southcrest and Street Dedication
T-Southern Manor
T-Southern Pines 1st Addition
T-Southern Pines
T-Southern Trace Sec A
T-Southridge Estates Sec A
T-Southridge Estates Sec B
T-Southridge Estates Sec C
T-Southridge Estates Sec D
T-Spring Valley
T-Star Gate II
T-Star Gate
T-Stewart Estates Sec A
T-Stone Brook
T-Stone Gate Patio Homes Sec A and B
T-Stonehedge Center
T-Stonehedge Pl Office Park Condominiums
T-Stonehedge PL Patio Homes A&2 Rev
T-Stonehedge Pl Sec A
T-Stonehedge Pl Sec B
T-Stonehedge Pl Sec C
T-Stonehedge Pl Sec D
T-Stonehedge Pl Sec E
T-Stonehedge Townhomes I
T-Stonehedge Townhomes II
T-Stonehedge Townhomes No 3
T-Stonehedge Townhomes No IV
T-Stonewall Estates
T-Summers Place
T-Summerwood Part 10
T-Summerwood Part 11
T-Summerwood Part 4
T-Summerwood Part 5
T-Summerwood Part 6
T-Summerwood Part 7
T-Summerwood Part 8
T-Summerwood Part 9
T-Summerwood Part I
T-Summerwood Part II
T-Summerwood Part III
T-Swinnea Oaks
T-Tanglewood Sec A
T-Tanglewood Sec B
T-Tara Lakes Ph II
T-Tara Lakes
T-Thousand Oaks Sec B
T-Thousand Oaks Sec C
T-Thousand Oaks
T-Timber Lake
T-Tony Smith Hummingbird
T-Town of Hernando
T-Twin Lakes Sec B
T-Twin Lakes Sec C
T-Twin Lakes Sec D
T-Twin Lakes Sec E
T-Valley Grove Plantation Sec A
T-Valley Grove Plantation Sec B
T-Village Shops of Crumpler Place Ph I
T-Village Square
T-Villages of Cedar View 1st Addt
T-Vintage Place
T-Walters Manor
T-Wedgewood Sec A
T-Wedgewood Sec B
T-Wellington Square Sec A
T-Wellington Square Sec B
T-Wellington Square Sec C
T-Wellington Square Sec D
T-Wellington Square Sec E
T-Whispering Pines Ph 4
T-Whispering Pines Phase III
T-Whitney Village Sec B
T-Whitney Village Sec C
T-Whitten Place Sec A
T-Whitten Place Sec B
T-Whitten Place Sec C
T-Whitten Place Sec D
T-Whitten Place Sec E & F
T-Whitten Place Sec G
T-Wildwood West Sec A
T-Wildwood West Sec B
T-Wildwood West Sec C
T-Wildwood West Sec D
T-Willow Bend Apartments 1st Rev
T-Willows of Horn Lake Revised
T-Windsor Creek Sec A
T-Windsor Creek Sec B
T-Windsor Creek Sec C
T-Windsor Creek Sec D